Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

Whitehorse, Yukon

Jan Sam

2018 Shakaat Artist-in-Residence
Sam’s creative inspiration was fully ignited when he decided to leave Kelowna, BC to embark on a journey of self-discovery to Vancouver in 2004 where he lived until 2017 with periodic visits back to Kelowna. Jan Sam’s vagabond spirit has lead him to Whitehorse to explore the rich First Nations culture of the north in search of perspective and adventure.

The vast array of people he’s met from all walks of life is captured throughout his artwork and compositions. Past coverage of Jan Sam Art was featured in The Kelowna Daily Courier, Event Magazine, Lov Magazine, The Afro News, The Savvy Insider,, El Kiosko, Art BC, and a featured television appearance on Shaw TV’s Urban Rush with hosts Fiona Forbes & Mike Eckford in 2009.

Jan Sam uses bright tones to bring to life the unique spark inside every person, to embrace the weird, wonderful and conflicted nature of the human condition. It’s ok to be true to your process. Not everyone needs to understand the journey. His work encapsulates the pulse of his life in the city. A spiritual explosion of vivid expression. The look of his digital art has been a evolution of his process and signature style. Jan Sam paints the human spirit- the pursuit of happiness; and his personal journey through the Colour & Chaos.

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