Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

Whitehorse, Yukon

Dustin Sheldon

2021 Shakaat Artist-in-Residence

Born Mother’s Day 1994, as Dustin J.L. Sheldon, his native name – Calm Rivers – was gifted to him by a Great-Grandmother before her passing & after his birth in Victoria, B.C.

Subsequently raised in Whitehorse, the Yukon Territory has been his family’s native homeland throughout generations, occasionally making adventures from capital to capital.

“He is the quintessential artist” an old English teacher explained in 2012. Having performed musical pieces, painted still life, and dabbled in some classic coastal carving, Calm Rivers continues to learn and develop his life-skills.

“Detailed” is the word many a viewer uses to describe both of his main artistic styles:
The First-Nations’ Ovoids of the North Western Coast, and the Romantic Victorian-Era inspired drawings.

Gunal’chish ~ Merci ~ Thank you