Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

Whitehorse, Yukon

Montana Prysnuk

2019/2021 Shakaat Artist-in-Residence

Drin gwinzii, shoozri’ Montana vàazhii (Good day, my name is Montana).

Montana is Vuntut Gwich’in/Ukrainian/Scandinavian and comes from a boundless line of matriarchs and legends of the land. She is one half of the Copper Caribou sister duo, along with Delaney Prysnuk.

Through Artwork, beadwork, hidework, and language, she is on a learning and healing journey. Inspiration and creativity comes from her surroundings and gathers this from beautiful family, friends, and ancestors. Throughout her life she has always done artwork and made safe spaces for creativity to flow and grow. In her work she uses ch’iji (antlers), vadzaih dhòh (moose hide), ts’it ch’oh (porcupine quills), and nàagài (beads), among many other materials such as upcycled threetru’ (copper) wire that is incorporated into a variety of different designs.

The pieces she shapes are a mixture of ancestral knowledge, tools, and modern designs. This journey is dedicated to our lost brothers Mckeehan Prysnuk and Stephen Mills Jr.

Màhsi’ choo.